How to Stop Cravings in Their Tracks

One of my favorite things to do in the exact moment when I want to eat, but know for sure I am not physically hungry is to take a warm bubble bath. I gave the same advice to a good friend of mine and she asked me to explain how taking a warm bath was going to stop the cookies in the pantry from calling her name. And she wondered how taking a bath could lessen the overwhelming desire to eat the cookies when she knew she didn’t need them. Buy online from NHS Heroes at

Emotional Hunger is Not a Physical Need for Fuel.

The truth is, when we have an emotional food craving that comes on suddenly like lightening – it is typically not a physical hunger but a psychological hunger. It is usually not about our need for fuel, but our need to cope with our emotions using food – usually the high fat, sugary and salty kind. In that moment – usually and apple just doesn’t cut it!

When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, it is true that taking a warm bath is not a cure, but it is a way to give yourself some quiet time to think things over and to nurture yourself without food. Anxiety, loneliness, boredom and anger are emotions we all experience throughout life. Each has its own trigger and each has its own appeasement. Food won’t fix any of these feelings.

Distracting Yourself Gives You Time to Think Clearly.

But taking a bath will give you the time to think clearly, digest your feelings and realise that when you pause long enough before reaching for the cookies, you are able to process your emotions and learn to sit with them. It’s important to interrupt the automatic quick reach for food that you might use to stuff and numb yourself temporarily.

When you find strategies to comfort, nurture, distract and resolve your issues without using food, whatever you choose to do to collect your thoughts is right for you. It is different for everyone. It might be a bath, a walk, a phone call, a movie, listening to music or reading a great book.

Try to Address the Root Cause of Your Craving.

Many people use food as their primary distraction from their feelings and the hard truth is that as adults, we must face and deal with everything that surrounds us. Life is not always easy but when you choose to address your feelings head on, rather than reaching for food you are not physically hungry for, you begin to put food back in its proper place.

Soaking in the bath just may help you open the door to the next insight and the next. Every time you take the time to think clearly, you get stronger and more empowered. Try finding a distraction that works for you – and do it regularly.